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Do people in Cardiff speak Welsh?

About Cardiff
Cardiff City Centre

The city is a popular tourist destination with both domestic and international visitors. In the past, Cardiff’s waterfront has been used for major events such as the National Eisteddfod of Wales and the National Assembly for Wales.

Cardiff is also home to the Welsh National Opera, Welsh National Library, and the National Museum of Wales. Cardiff has two universities, the University of Cardiff and the University of South Wales.

Welsh Language in Cardiff

The Welsh language is a group of languages, of which the most commonly spoken is Welsh. It is spoken by around 25% of the population of Wales, and is the only official language of Wales.

The Welsh language is a member of the Brittonic branch of the Celtic languages. It is descended from the ancient Celtic languages of Britain, and is often spoken alongside English in Wales.

Welsh is a language that is inextricably linked to its culture, with the Welsh language being in the Welsh soul. It is a language that has been spoken for thousands of years in Wales and has been passed down through the generations.

Welsh school

Welsh language skills are measured in 3 ways, the ability to read, write and understand it. As of 2011 it was reported that 26.7% of Cardiff children in the 5-15 age group had at least one of the three language skills, nearly 4 times the 7.5% reported in 1981.

The city of Cardiff has three secondary/compregensive schools that teach through the Welsh language and fifteen primary schools, totalling 4,700 primary pupils and over 2,350 at secondary.

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About Cardiff

Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales.

It forms a principal area, officially known as the City and County of Cardiff, and the city is the eleventh-largest in the United Kingdom.

Located in the south-east of Wales and in the Cardiff Capital Region, Cardiff is the county town of the historic county of Glamorgan and in 1974–1996 of South Glamorgan. It belongs to the Eurocities network of the largest European cities. 

A small town until the early 19th century, its prominence as a port for coal when mining began in the region helped its expansion. In 1905 it was ranked as a city and in 1955 proclaimed capital of Wales. Cardiff Built-up Area covers a larger area outside the county boundary, including the towns of Dinas Powys and Penarth.

Cardiff Statistics

Population: 369,202 
Sovereign state: United Kingdom Country: Wales Ceremonial county: South Glamorgan Historic County: Glamorgan Principal Area: Cardiff Local government: Cardiff Council Cardiff Council Leader: Huw Thomas Post Codes: CF Police Force: South Wales Fire Service: South Wales Ambulance Service: Welsh Primary Airport: Cardiff Airport